What is our offence?Where did a GIRL CHILD GO WRONG!

Girl child, what has she done to deserve all these? All she ever did was live a happy and a purposeful life. All she ever wanted was to achieve her dream so that she can be treated with respect and not with disdain just because she’s a girl child. She wouldn’t make herself available for anyone, keeping her dignity and focusing on achieving her aims, she is not ready to give up on her dream, because she so much believe in herself even when no one does.
Unfortunately, what she wanted to run away from her life came staring right into her face. She was attacked by some sets of nicompoops, those ones that have objectified her, those ones that perceive no good in her except to have an experience on how sexually active she is. But then her dignity was stolen, her world shattered right in her face and she wearily sunk into the dungeon Continue reading “What is our offence?Where did a GIRL CHILD GO WRONG!”

A mother is writing a letter to her son from heaven.

With pain and love, she writes;

My dear son,
My joy knew no boundaries the first time I carried you in my arms and you looked straight into my face. I knew right away that my source of happiness you would be. I watched you grow, every steps you took, every smile you wore, every words you spoke; sweet memories they made for me.
However, as fate would have it, our departure occured earlier than expected, and caught us off-guard. Torn apart, different world, we could only connect by heart and soul, body exempted. My heart linger for you. I’ve watched you cry helplessly, watched you smile heartily.Continue reading “A mother is writing a letter to her son from heaven.”

The Mystery of True Love

Love is mutual, love is sacrificial.
Love is long lasting.
Attached to love is memories of the past and wishes for the future.
True love finds it’s way like water,
True love never hesitates to break new grounds.
What makes it thrive is the degree of mutualism.
You must be willing to let go for love.
You must be ready to commit.
If not, there’s no true love.

In true love, there are no options.
It’s either to love or to love.
There’s no love like true love.
True love is not biased,
It is not split in two,
It is 100%
True love will let go for the other to grow.
True love comes with respect and honour.
True love never fights but forgives.

Written by;
Precious Udoh


There are much more of positive thinkers in this world than realists. We all wish and hope good things come to pass in our lives, true love, exotic properties amongst many other dreams we imagine in our world of fantasy and when the other phase occurs, only few can accept it with good faith. No one wants to talk about the other phase, where people go hungry, where children are turned orphans with no one to take care of them, where someone ventures into a business and suffers financial loss, where families are displaced from their homes as a result of war. No one wants to talk about them just because they are not pleasing enough to hearing, but deep down we know all these things happen and the victims exist.


ONE GOOD TURN; what turn does it exactly take?

“One good turn, deserves another” Goes an aphorism.
Ordinarily, most people do good just because they believe they will surely be rewarded by the person they did it for. They are always expectant for the reward of their deeds, and if they don’t eventually get rewarded, they lament and cry to the world explaining how they have been backstabbed and how they will never do well to people again.

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It is at the period of the year when Muslims all over the world are preparing and eager to explore the blessed month; Ramadan. The Muslim calendar has 12 months which include MUHARRAM, SAFAR, RABIU L’AWAL, RABIU THANI, JUMMADA L’AWWAL, JUMMADA THANI, RAJAB, SHA’BAN, RAMADAN, DHUL QADA & DHUL HIJA. Out of all these 12 months, Ramadan is the most recognized and respected month. Because it is a month of Holiness, a month that helps to retrace our steps back to Almighty ALLAH. The month that multiplies our reward and also good deeds are more acceptable and inspires us to love ALLAH (SWT) more.
Hence, some Muslims wait till Ramadan arrives before they rediscover themselves. The question we all should answer is “DO WE HAVE TO WAIT UNTIL RAMADAN ARRIVES?” .
Do we have to wait until Ramadan arrives before we start

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WHICH OF THE F’S ARE YOU TO ME? Would you be kind enough to let me know?

We all wish we can at least have access to other’s hearts. To have access, not of emotions, but to see through and to be able to decrypt what different people have on their minds. As individuals, we tend to connect to at least one person, one person with whom we can relate our fears, share our thoughts and make some plans together.

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THE CHILD OWNS THE BABY; A raging wildfire

Gone are those days when our mothers had to attain a particular age before they can have a suitor, before even having the thought of getting married, not to even talk of having kids. But as I noted, gone are those days.
Nowadays, seeing a 16 year old girl with a baby makes less meaning to us. Back in those days, people would wonder how someone can trust a 16 year old girl enough to leave a baby in her care.

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THE SILENT SIREN”Kiti locked it all up, and gave in”

….” I couldn’t go on anymore, everything seems to go wrong, I don’t feel beautiful anymore, I seem to find fault in everything I do, so it is better to give up than to continue trying”……….. Those were the last words of 15 year old kiti (fictionalized ; bayeesha :2020)

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By his side i lay
Then he stands to do nothing
But to check on his device
Holding tight, glad for it wellbeing
But here I lay
Yearning for his attention
But not an iota, I was given
(Bayeesha ; 2020)

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